Destiny Sphere

 Destiny Sphere GmbH was founded in 2002 with the aim to develop and to publish state-of-the-art browser-based massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) with the cutting edge technologies. Now, Destiny Sphere is much more than just a company behind its main product – Destiny Sphere the strategy game – we also provide all needed technologies, services and competences for development and/or publishing of any browser-based MMOGs, client-based MMOGs and entertainment products generally primarily on the Russian market with commitment, enthusiasm and a high level of professionalism.

In Russia and the Czech Republic in recent years, the company operates under the brand Gamespace.

Currently, the company is developing new game projects. The latest released games are the social manager "The Winemaker" and the social strategic MMO "The Battle of the Empires".

Our mission:  

Development of online entertainment products based on cutting edge technologies with the worldwide publshing; high quality publishing of great online entertainment products worldwide.

Our vision:  

Connecting great online entertainment products worldwide with the Russian market and vice versa in the best possible way, providing maximum competence, highest customer satisfaction index and high revenue generation.


The Battle of Empires + Odnoklassniki

Our game "The Battle of Empires" has been released in Odnoklassniki - one of the top Russian social networks. The game has already reached 320000 installations there.


Battle of Empires - the great start!

The game "Battle of Empires" released in June 2012 has already gained 125.000 installations in VK. Feedback from the players, the game pleased fans of funny strategic games. Congratulations with a great project to the publisher IMMO Games, the Prague and St. Petersburg teams of our new studio "Gamespace"!


New office in Prague

We've opened a new office in Prague, Czech Republic. The branch will be engaged in the development of social games and the graphics production.


Destiny Sphere Unlimited in Germany!

The first server of the new version of Destiny Sphere Unlimited has been opened in Germany. It's possible to play in German or English language in the game world called Proxima Centauri. The project started in collaboration with GameGenetics GmbH company.


Destiny Sphere joins vKontakte

The Destiny Sphere online game has been integrated to the biggest Russian social network


Pulsar has started

The Pulsar is the new version of Destiny Sphere with tournament principles. In the Pulsar elements of the usual combat system combined with the latest innovations. The game world is maintained as a separate version of the game on new powerful servers. The game goes on the principle of the tournament - every three months the winners are awarded by prizes and gifts, and the game starts again.


Destiny Sphere is integrated into lithuanian social network

Lithuanian version of Destiny Sphere is integrated into the main social network of Lithuania - Partners agreed to deepen integration, to start new information services, making the game closer to the users.


We came back home from Igromir-2008!

The Russian biggest game exibition Igromir-2008 gave us much fun and success. We organized a meeting of Destiny Sphere players, showed our new browser-based game Variable World, made a young kung-fu masters presentation for "9 Dragons"


Destiny Sphere at IgroMir-2008

We participate in the main Russian game exhibition – IgroMir 2008, which will be held from 6 to 9 November. Moscow, VVC, Hall 57, stand D18.


The closed beta of russian version of MMORPG "Nine Dragons" has started.

We are glad to announce the start of closed beta of Russian localization of Korean MMORPG "Nine dragons". Players can register as testers and find additional information on the game forum: